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Effluent Treatment Plants & Chemicals
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Effluent Treatment Plants & Chemicals

Waste management strategies adopted in India have failed to keep pace with the industrial growth and urbanization. The pollution impacts on marine communities, can be traced directly to the industrialized centers, which release an array of chemical contaminants to effluent systems. Of even greater concern have been the adverse environmental effects associated with waste disposal activities, particularly sewage sludge and dredged spoil dumping, oil spills and leakages as well as municipal and industrial waste water discharges. Most of the industries in India are situated along the river banks for easy availability of water and also disposal of the wastes. These wastes often contain a wide range of contaminants such as petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons and heavy metals, various acids, alkalis, dyes and other chemicals which greatly change thephysico-chemical properties of water. The waste also includes detergents that create a mass of white foam in the river waters. All these chemicals are quite harmful or even fatally toxic to fish and other aquatic populations. It is found that one-third of the total water pollution in India comes in the form of industrial effluent discharge, solid wastes and other hazardous wastes. 

At SMES We provide complete solutions for sewage treatment which comprises physical, chemical & biological treatment based on advanced technologies. Our designs offer highly economic plant installation & operation, lowest footprint area, minimal waste generation and treats water to the specified standards.